Vietnam Graffiti Project of Keswick, VA is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) volunteer organization that welcomes donations of time,  sometimes required material and artifacts that can be used in the nationally-touring exhibit, Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam. Two exhibits with identical themes currently are touring on both the East and West Coasts, with additional visits to venues west and east of the Mississippi River.

Artifacts, including military clothing worn on General Nelson M. Walker voyages, as well as letters written home from the ship and personal photographs taken during voyages, are especially sought.

Assistance by experienced carpenters is sometimes needed for the fabrication and repair of exhibit shipping crates and other exhibit components. Materials are sometimes solicited from the business community, with firms throughout the country already providing material such as feather down, PVC pipe, cable ties, mattress inserts and protective acrylic sheeting. Assistance with research, interview transcriptions and exhibit transportation is sometimes required.

Funding is also required for continuation of veteran interviews and addition of new exhibit elements.

If you would like to assist, please complete the form below. The Vietnam Graffiti Project will contact you promptly to discuss your contribution. Thank you!

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A Jacket's Story

Vietnam helicopter pilot veteran Jim Reeder of San Francisco, California, recently donated his flight jacket for use in the Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam traveling exhibit. When he left San Francisco headed for Vietnam aboard the General Nelson M. Walker his parents and girl friend were waiting atop the Golden Gate Bridge to wave to him as the ship passed underneath. He told them he would be very visible and they would recognize him easily because he would wear his flight jacket inside-out, with its bright, orange-colored lining showing. His plan went awry because fellow squadron members learned of his farewell plan and all waved and wore their jackets inside-out too.