Roll Call

Since 1997 the Vietnam Graffiti Project (VGP) has searched for the soldiers and Marines who went to Vietnam aboard the General Nelson M. Walker and other troopships serving during that era. If you are one of those veterans, we’d like to speak with you.

The project is interested in knowing about your voyage experiences—the events that occurred during the several week voyage that took you from your hometown to an unknown future in a strange land. We are very interested in how you spent your time on the ship, what struck you as being humorous, or maybe fearful. How you passed the time, whether doing shipboard duties or playing cards, or just “riding the rail,” looking at the ocean.

A recorded audio interview may also be conducted to preserve those recollections.

We are interested too in learning if you have letters written home from the ship during the voyage across the vast Pacific Ocean, and if you had a camera with you, did you take pictures aboard the ship? Do you still have those photos, and would you be willing to loan them so they can be digitally copied for possible use in the Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam traveling exhibit?

If you had such a travel experience, please contact us. We’ll start by sending you a questionnaire that may help you recall some of your memories of the voyage to Vietnam.

Please call the Vietnam Graffiti Project at 434-296-1288, or complete the form below.

Thank you for your participation, and thank you for your service!

A Letter Home

"The water just got rough again. It was calm for a few days and now today it started to get rough. George got sick on me again. I gave him some dramadine (Dramamine) pills, he feels a little better. I don't mind it a bit. It('s) a good thing I went fishing a lot when I was younger so I just eat up those big waves. Yesterday there was a big shark along side of the boat. What a big thing, honest it was 20 ft long. I would have hated to fall in with him. He could give you some trouble." (Portion of June 4, 1966 letter written to parents from the General Nelson M. Walker by SP/4 Robert Dickinson, 2/35 Field Artillery, 54th Group)