The Vietnam Graffiti Project’s artifact retrieval and placement activities continued on the Walker into 2004, when the Maritime Administration acted to scrap the Walker. A contract to remove the ship from the fleet and scrap the vessel was awarded to All Star Metals of Brownsville, Texas.

Early one December morning, workers went below decks to lock the ship’s rudder in place, while men on the main deck loosened and removed the heavy steel cables that attached the Walker to the ships on either side of her. Her anchors were raised and tugboats gently pulled and nudged her out of the row of surplus vessels. A sea-going tug attached a cable to her bow and slowly began to pull her through the river, toward the Atlantic Ocean. It would be her final voyage.

Exhibit Schedules

    Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam is currently at Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs California. It will be there November 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016,

    Part of the Marking Tiime: Voyage to Vienam exhibit will be travelling to New York City whre it will be part of the New York Historical Society"s major Vietnam exhibit openning in 2017.