Graffiti Gallery

The following graffiti has been selected from that found on well over 400 bunk canvases recovered from the troopship General Nelson M. Walker. They offer insight into the thoughts and feelings of young Americans going to war during 1966 and 1967, a very turbulent time in our nation’s history. Whether the following graffiti represents homesickness or love, humor or anxiety, or military pride, they are the most honest sentiments expressed by the writer at that moment in time.



Psychedelic 60's

The "Psychedelic Sixties" broke the rules in every conceivable way - from music to fashion, to manners and more. The government was confronted head-on for its policies in Vietnam; the cause of civil rights and women's rights were embraced; mind-expanding drugs were doing just that; Rock music played non-stop at Woodstock and the 1967 "Summer of Love" delivered "Love-Ins", "Be-Ins" and "Flower Power".

Revisit the era at The Psychedelic '60s: Literary Traditions and Social Change, a web exhibit of the University of Virginia's Department of Special Collections, Alberman Library.

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